Jason Pope’s Project Management Tips

The main purpose of this site is to be a place for me to share my Project Management knowledge and experience.

I have been in Project Management and specifically Telecoms for over 20 years. There is a lot of information here, whether you are an inspiring Project Manager, or just looking for an answer to a Project Management question hopefully it can help.

My first introduction to Project Management was back in the days before 3G and Broadband (can you imagine such a thing). I had moved from the field work as a fixed switch commissioning engineer into the office in Huntingdon as a Senior Project Engineer. Since then I have successfully delivered projects including the first commercial broadband installation in the UK, 3G network and then 4G. Telecoms is a fast paced environment to work in, with

There are exciting times ahead with the 5G installations that are starting to come online all over the UK.