Evernote Change Project Part 1

Kurt Lewin’s Background

Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was a German born American social psychologist. He was known for his field theory of behaviour, which holds that human behaviour is a function of an individual’s physiological environment. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)[i]

Later on in his career he went on to study applying his theories to group dynamics, this led to his publication “frontiers in group dynamics” Lewin (1947). From this publication the basis for the still used 3 step Unfreeze-Change-Freeze method of Change Management was formed.

[i] Encyclopaedia Britannica -www.britannica.com

Implementation of a new mobile reporting and information tool.

My telecoms team are field based all over the uk, they implement software and hardware changes to the mobile phone mast equipment for the networks (EE/O2/Vodafone/TMobile). The problem I wanted to overcome was the delay in getting information back from the engineers as to the success or failure of activities. There tended to not be a management layer working at night.

Often the work is remote and could be during the night. I would be reliant on the engineers sending me a report in the morning before they went to bed. If they were in a remote part of the country they may not have internet coverage at their accommodation, so sometimes the report would be delayed by up to a week until they got home and could send the report from there.

The system I implemented was Evernote. This system meant that they completed the report whilst onsite on their smart phone, and the phone automatically uploaded the report whilst they where driving around either going to their next job, or their accommodation for the night.

Jason Pope Project Manager