Evernote Change Project Part 2

Field Analysis

Fields were the name that Lewin used to describe the social forces that where required to cause a change from one state to another. His approach was that of investigating the social interactions and that change could be successfully engineered if the fields moved in the correct direction.

Lewin’s field theory rule states that ‘analysis starts with the situation as a whole’. By gaining an overview as early as possible, we intend to broaden the perspective from which we as scholarly practitioners engage with the general characteristics of the challenge or opportunity facing our organisational clients. Lewin highlighted the importance of characterizing the atmosphere (e.g. emotional tone or climate) and the amount of freedom existing in the situation.[i](Neumann)

So the idea behind this is that within a group, if it is stable then all the forces between the individuals result in a stable group. To affect change you would need to upset this equilibrium.

[i] Dr Jean Neumann – Kurt Lewin – Field Theory The Tavistock Institute

Jason Pope Project Manager