Evernote Change Project Part 3

Quasi-Stationary Social Equilibrium

Lewin theorised that Periods of social change may differ quite markedly from periods of social stability[i] (Lewin 1947) , so the two needed to be analysed together.

Lewin’s idea was that at a social level within the group the group interacts, these interactions when stable were referred to as Quasi-Stationary Social Equilibrium, he wrote that this stability might only be whilst all forces were in balance, and might only be for a finite amount of time. So if a new force were introduced to the group then the balance would be upset and other forces would come into play. To enable change, the forces would need to move in a certain direction, and that equilibrium must again be reached to maintain that change.

[i] Kurt Lewin Frontiers in group dynamics 1947

Jason Pope Project Manager