Evernote Change Project Part 6

Phase Three – Freeze

Over time this is often become referred to as refreeze even though Lewin called it Freeze, the implementation is much the same, except to refreeze Is perhaps more correct as it implies that we had a state of frozen state prior to the first phase.

This is the phase where we make sure that the changes stick, without this phase there is risk that the people will revert back to the old pre-change way of doing things. In making the change stick, we are making it the new normal.

The achievement of the change should not be a measurement of the overall success of the change implementation, but the success should be recognised as having achieved longevity in the change, in that the new level of change is the new normal. Lewin advocates that without this there is potential for the change to slip back to the old level, in his example of increasing milk intake, something as simple as increasing the milk order would help make it stick.

For the Evernote Project I had to continue to reinforce that Evernote was the place to find and to upload the information, If I was asked for information, instead of giving the information, I would send them to Evernote, I would also chase up reports that were not on Evernote even though they had been emailed to me. Very quickly the change was established as the norm.

Jason Pope Project Manager