Managing the Matrix

Your organisation operates under a Matrix Management way of working, this is great if you request people for your team from the resource pools, but what if you are the one managing the people that are seconded, what should you be looking out for if you are Managing the Matrix.

First and foremost, your team, they need you more than ever if they are seconded elsewhere. You need to monitor how they are being treated, how they are being worked and check that they are getting everything they need.

You do not want any member of your team being over worked because the person they have been seconded to does not care or know how to manage real people. Best case they will under perform which could reflect on you, worst case they could end up burnt out or leave the business.

Be there for them if they need to vent over different ways of working, tight project timescales or if they are confused by how they are being asked to work. Just because they are not working on one of your projects does not mean that you are not responsible for their well being. At the first indication of an issue, start digging into it, it may be nothing, but you want to get all over it before it is a real issue.

Jason Pope

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